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As an author who has published with several large and small presses, my experiences with The History Press have been among the best. The editorial, layout, sales and publicity people all work together in a well-coordinated manner to acquire, edit and sell books. What a pleasant experience working with professionals is for any author.

Nick Wynne

Co-author of Paradise for Sale: Florida’s Booms and Busts and Florida in World War II: Floating Fortress

From concept formation through final publication, History Press authors, and their ideas, are treated with the utmost respect. Quite simply, The History Press makes the process so fulfilling that authors like me can’t wait to start their next project!

Julianna Fiddler-Woite

Author of Snyder, New York: A Brief History and co-author of Western New York and the Gilded Age

They’re good about keeping authors on deadline, without being intrusive, and excellent in book promotion.

Robin Davis Heigel

Author of Graeter’s Ice Cream: An Irresistible History

From an author’s standpoint, The History Press has been marvelous. Its editors are smooth, friendly and professional, and the royalties have been dependable. The History Press has energetically marketed my books, arranged signings and done all the detail work that I would not have had time for myself.

Tim Rowland

Author of High Peaks: A History of Hiking in the Adirondacks from Noah to Neoprene and Maryland’s Appalachian Highlands: Massacres, Moonshine and Mountaineering

So you’re a magazine writer for a metropolitan monthly who is considered The History Guy. Since about 1993, you’ve written a column called “Flashback” that has attained some popularity and subscribers and people you meet around town wonder when a book is coming out. This goes on for years. You wonder if you’ll have to publish it yourself, in the basement, with one of those mimeograph machines like they used when you were in grade school (and when you sniffed the warm paper, it gave you a little buzz).

But then in December 2006 a call comes to your editor, who says you will want to talk to this person, and a disarming Southern woman’s voice asks if you write about Richmond history. Just like that. Goodbye mimeograph machine, hello History Press!

This house publishes quality books without muddy reproductions and with actual text that exceeds a few paragraphs for photo captions. The staff is helpful and, for the most part, Charleston-inflected. Which really helps when you call them on a bad writing day. They promote your work, get you in the stores you need to be in and understand the business. You’ll be proud of the books you produce through The History Press, and your readers will like being able to carry them around, read them wherever and, when finished, put them on the shelf with their favorite volumes.
You can put that mimeograph machine in a museum.

Harry Kollatz Jr.

Author of True Richmond Stories and Ragtime in Richmond